Mary Grace Jewellery is independently designed and handcrafted in Australia. My jewellery is shipped world wide to many countries including the USA, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore and France among others. 

Mary Grace Jewellery is a member of The Artisan Group - a band of Artisan's  who gift TV Shows, TV and YouTube Personalities and Red Carpet Celebrity Events. 

Many of the jewellery pieces are made in small batches if not one of a kind. 

A little about Me ~ I am a Mama of 6 children. I have 2 sets of twins and 2 singletons. Life is busy from day to day but I love all the opportunities that life gives me to experience growth and achievement. I grew up in Sydney just 10 minutes out of the city. I now reside in the Sunshine State of Queensland where it's pretty much hot all the year round bar 2 days of "winter". I am a City Hippie at heart.